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ACTS and Glimmerglass launch intelligent optical layer management solution in Taiwan 2010-09-09

Glimmerglass is the premier supplier of Intelligent Optical Solutions for the worldwide, its product IOS series provides a superior performance for user to control and create the optical path remotely from the far-end. The cross-connect capability of any input to output is fully non-blocking, user can monitor and reconfigure or cancel the optical path. Since the special feature of their technology is the input and output signals are fully transparent, so the created optical path can transport any speed and data format of optical signal.
The Glimmerglass Intelligent Optical System is suitable for Telecom Operators to use such as the application of automatic cross-connect in ODF, automatic protection switching for fiber path, or quality monitoring of optical fiber etc. And also it can meet for special use in some Government department or R&D center. You can contact us to discuss with the detailed application and specification if you need.

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