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We regard employees as the company's greatest asset. Under the consensus of joint operation and profit sharing, we sincerely welcome you who have ambitions to join us and work together for the company's present and future.

  • The company's surplus distribution, performance appraisal bonus.

  • Guaranteed 14 months of annual salary.

  • Telephone fee subsidy.

  • Transportation subsidy.

  • The number of special leave days is more than law formulated, and new employees are entitled special leave when starting.

  • 10 days of sick leave with full pay in a year.

  • Two-day weekend.

  • According to the law to insured labor insurance, national health insurance, and provision of labor pensions.

  • Employee group insurance.


Employee Welfare

  • The welfare committee arranges various welfare and activities every year.

  • Irregular dinner parties in the end of the year.

  • The company arranges social activities from time to time ~ Spend a little time to care about environmental issues for the earth, Taiwan, and our next generation.

  • Community Room~Snacks are provided irregularly.


Learning & Development



Knowledge education

  • Education and training for new recruits.

  • Internal irregular course training.

  • External professional course fee subsidy.

  • Professional license allowance.

  • Occupational safety and various disaster prevention training.

ACTS does not discriminate and harass, ensuring that all our employees and customers do not Ethnicity, race, nationality, ancestry, color, religion and belief, gender, Sexual orientation, gender identity or performance, physical and mental disability, medical condition (Including pregnancy), age, marital status, family status, citizenship, political orientation, or any other reasons or characteristics, can be treated equally, respected and enjoyed with dignity.

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