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With the carrier broadband services developing and growing at in leap and bounds, ACTS and our partner's transmission solutions will provide the benefits of Ethernet, TDM, ATM and Optical Convergence SDH, NG-SDH, xWDM, ROADM, PTN, OTN that leverage carrier-grade performance capabilities, to scale up or modernize customer's existing infrastructure, and to handle the increasing demand for bandwidth and speed requirement.

By  transmission applications converge over Optical, IP data,  and WDM network interfaces, and integrating with the most cost-effective carrier-grade  Ethernet, ACTS is situated to address these requirements, with our highly professional and locally experienced team, will provide an end-to-end transmission solution, can support customer to design and build-up a scalable, easy-to-use carrier grade service network with stability, reliability and cost effectiveness.

Featured Products & Solutions:

  • Multiservice SDH and NG-SDH transmission backbone

  •  xWDM Optical BackboneSystems -- CWDM, DWDM, ROADM, OTN

  • Packet Transport Network -- PTN

  • Network OSA clock systems -- Cesium/SSU clock, IEEE1588v2, NTP

  • GNSS Attack and  Jamming  interference  prevention  system

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