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ACTS becomes Channel Partner of Casa

FWA (Fixed Wireless Access) can provide broadband connection services in the form of a fixed network. In the 4G LTE era, mobile telecom operators provided 4G FWA to replace fixed-line broadband. 5G drives a new wave of FWA applications and uses 5G wireless high-speed transmission to overcome the deployment restrictions of wired networks. In the future, in addition to traditional Cable, DSL, and optical fibers, there will be more 5G fixed wireless access (5G FWA) solutions for home Internet access, especially in areas where wired network deployment is difficult or the construction cost is too high. Casa has committed to FWA research and development for the past ten years and has extended its experience to 5G. Casa's 5G FWA products can benefit a wide range of deployments in urban, suburban and rural markets.

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