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Smart Value-added Integration Services

ACTS is always dedicated to providing high-quality professional technology integration to fulfill customers' requirements for diverse solutions and then to enhance customer satisfaction by providing professional consultancy, precise planning and after-sales services for customers in various industries.

Due to the rapid development of diverse business activities and information and communication Technology (ICT), the existing ICT systems and management software can no longer fulfill the application requirements for business development and market changes, when customers launch innovative business opportunities with
the need to interface with existing ICT systems.

ACTS is recognized as a professional and experienced team in telecommunications service planning, implementation and integration. We provide overall solutions to customers based on customers’ requirements by conducting detail-oriented interviews and making proposals to meet special requirements of various industries and to optimize customers’ systems for their current and future development.

In addition, ACTS establishes partnerships with elite vendors in various professional fields to provide customers with the most concrete solutions that meet their service requirements, improves overall service efficiency, and furthermore realize the concept of hyper-converged business service circle and create a win-win situation for customers and ACTS.

Featured Products & Solutions:

  • Planning and Implementation for Telecommunication Room, Environmental Control System and Light Current Engineering

  •  Virtualization Call Center System

  • AGV Automated Guided Vehicle

  • AV over IP

  • Thermal Imaging System for Surveillance

  • Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction System

  • Smart Energy Storage System

  • Electric Vehicle Charging Station

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