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Information System Outsourcing Service

►Professional technology and enthusiasm for service

►Provide information services with a comprehensive vision and overall structure

►Provide solutions to various information-related needs of customers

In order to achieve high-efficiency information services, ACTS provides comprehensive information system outsourcing services to assist customers in integrating application system software, hardware, network services, operating systems, database systems and human resources services. In addition to providing customers with comprehensive planning, construction, and maintenance solutions, it can further enhance the overall benefits of customers and create a win-win situation for customers and ACTS.


♦ Software system service:
Database maintenance service, website system, application system integration.

♦ Hardware system service:
Integrated applications of personal computers, scanners, printers, uninterruptible power systems, host servers, disk arrays, network systems, etc.

♦ Computer room engineering service:
Computer room construction, information and power line wiring engineering, environmental control system construction.

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