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ACTS becomes Channel Partner of Focus Telecom

In view of the vigorous growth of 5G telecommunications, the network synchronization is even more important than before. Whether in precise timing, engineering implementation, exploration and mapping, navigation, positioning or providing time data, the most important synchronization source is GNSS. However, GNSS signal is easily affected not only by weather, ionospheric interference or obstacles, but also by unintentional jamming, intentional attack or spoofing, which may jeopardize GNSS signals. In addition to extend our partnership with ADVA (OscilloQuartz), the world's leading brand in network synchronization, ACTS has built the partnership with Israel-based Focus Telecom this year, to provide GPS Protection equipment with built-in Infinidome's OtoSphere™. ACTS targets to be the local leader in time synchronization market and provides customers with the most integral solutions.

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